Drunk Love Story – Nicole and Ed

I met with Nicole over lunch to talk about her wedding and her history with her fiance Ed. We decided to do a drunk love story, a spoof on Drunk History. A couple of glasses of wine, and some alcohol, and I got quite the animated tale on the night I interviewed them at their home. Once the story was edited, we met up again to film the Lip Sync scenes at Fairleigh Dickinson where they met, as well as other locations. They got friends to play themselves (and other friends, who were not available), and happily shared it with guests at their Reception at the Spring Lake Manor in Spring Lake NJ.

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Highlights from Shilpi and Anish’s wedding at The Palace at Somerset Park:

Shilpi’s dad contacted me about his daughter’s upcoming hindu wedding just a few short weeks before it happened. He felt it was important to capture it and enjoyed my work online, and was referred to me by one of my own past clients, who is now also a wedding photographer. It was going to be a smaller event. Many Indian weddings are HUGE gatherings, but they kept this to close family and friends, and more intimate.

The Sangeet was held at the Palace in Somerset Park in Somerset NJ, followed by a ceremony the following morning in her parent’s back yard. The Sangeet is a party where family and friends sing, dance, and celebrate the upcoming wedding of the couple. This one featured a couple of her friends as MC’s hosts introducing different acts, while interjecting their own humor throughout. Acts included speeches by dad and some close friends, singing by mom and some family and friends, and a few dance performances including some featuring the bride.

Indian weddings in general are very colorful, especially the ceremony. There are lots of little symbols and prayers, including a little fire which represents light, power and knowledge. The couple is married after walking around the fire 4 times. Then they take 7 steps together which are essentially their marriage vows, completing the ceremony. This is what the 7 steps represent which I think is quite lovely:
With the first step, we will provide for and support each other.
With the second step, we will develop mental, physical & spiritual strength.
With the third step, we will share the worldly possessions.
With the fourth step, we will acquire knowledge, happiness and peace.
With the fifth step, we will raise strong and virtuous children.
With the sixth step, we will enjoy the fruits of all seasons.
With the seventh step, we will always remain friends and cherish each other.

Our best wishes to the happy couple for a wonderful life together, and thanks again to Shilpi’s dad for choosing us to capture the beautiful wedding!

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Highlights from Nicole and Robert’s Wedding at The Crystal Point Yacht Club:

Nicole and Robert were referred to us by their friends Christina and Alex, whose wedding we filmed shortly before theirs, and who were in the bridal party. Nicole and Robert almost went without videography, but Christina convinced them to get it just a few weeks before the wedding.

I started out with Nicole and the girls getting ready at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lakewood. One she was dressed she had a very sweet first look with her dad. Then it was off to the Crystal Point Yacht Club to do a first look with her future husband Robert. Once we had him in a nice spot Nicole walked up for a beautiful reveal, followed by some great shots of the happy couple together along with bridal party.

Then it was time for the ceremony at Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church in Point Pleasant Beach. Nicole sang a special song to her groom acapella, and everyone was blown away by her beautiful voice. We used the song she sang as part of the highlights, and it worked so nicely combined with some bits of the amazing speeches from their reception back at the Crystal Point Yacht Club.

I loved that we were able to align the best man talking about their grandparents 67 years of marriage, with the lyrics of the song talking about the very same thing. Kismet! The parent dances were fun especially once the music switched up and dad started stripping off his coat, haha. The rest of the night was just dancing, drinking, and full on partying. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple.

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Wedding Video Highlights from Steven and Felicia’s Central Park New York City Wedding:

Steven is a photographer friend of mine, and I was so excited and happy for him when he told me he was getting married. I had met Felicia previously, and my wife and I both thought she was great for him. Like many Steven fell into the trap of thinking it’s a small wedding, nothing special, no need to film it, but they’re both REALLY happy that I convinced them to capture it anyway.

I started with prep at the St Regis Hotel, where they both got ready in the same nice room, before sharing a few emotional moments realizing they’re getting MARRIED! I loved hearing about how Steven put the moves on Felicia to get her to go out with him. Really smooth, haha.

We then walked over a few blocks to the Cop Cot at Central Park for a lovely ceremony among close friends and family, complete with Ukulele player. Afterwards we got some great shots with everyone and the good looking couple in the park, before heading over to Poco NYC for a sit down lunch. It was a really unique location, but the basement set up was very romantically decorated. The only dancing was their first dance, followed by a couple of lovely speeches by close friends. Overall a pretty special day for a very special couple. Congrats again guys. Wishing you the best always!

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