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Drunk Love Story – Nicole and Ed

I met with Nicole over lunch to talk about her wedding and her history with her fiance Ed. We decided to do a drunk love story, a spoof on Drunk History. A couple of glasses of wine, and some alcohol, and I got quite the animated tale on the night I interviewed them at their home. Once the story was edited, we met up again to film the Lip Sync scenes at Fairleigh Dickinson where they met, as well as other locations. They got friends to play themselves (and other friends, who were not available), and happily shared it with guests at their Reception at the Spring Lake Manor in Spring Lake NJ.

Check it out, and if you’re interested in a Drunk Love Story, or another unique love story to share with guests at your reception, contact Creative Unlimited for more information today!

I just wanted to post some of our past Digital Shorts here. So many fun ones with our clients, and it’s definitely something you might want to consider for your day. It can be anything you like, a story about how you met, a music video with you guys lip syncing, a spoof of tv or movies you like, or an original short film. Definitely fun for you and for your guests, and it will have them talking for months about your amazing movie. It can be romantic, funny, musical, or a little of everything.

Rachel and Danny shared their story about how they came together in their condo complex and fell in love. This one is sweet and sentimental. A Love Story 😉

Jessica and Michael started it all with their all inclusive short wedding film. They were a real creative couple and definitely took some of the ideas we offered and ran with it. This is just part of their video, featuring some hilarious tv and film spoofs. Check it out:

Tatiana and Apollo came to us from their friends Tannia (Tatiana’s cousin) and Michael. They loved Tannia and Michael’s short so much they wanted to do one of their own. Apollo is hilarious, and they were a fun couple to film. This is just part of the whole video featuring the sweet story of how they met on Myspace, and Apollo getting ready for their first date.

Melanie and Kyle were actually brought to us by Kyle’s dad, a true film enthusiast. Kyle is a character, and we hit it off so well, Melanie questioned whether we should be the ones getting married, haha. It was a fun day of filming. This story is done in a kind of “Lost” flashback sort of way, on the night Kyle was to propose we flash back to everything from their first meeting to the day Kyle bought the ring. We filmed in the Princeton area and at the actual restaurant (with the actual waiter) where Kyle popped the question. It’s definitely goofy, a little bit of corn and cheese, but in all the right places 😉

If you’re looking for a Creative Wedding Videographer in NJ, NY, PA or beyond, or you want a digital short for your event definitely check out more here and on our website at www.creativeunlimited.tv and contact us asap about your wedding.